Minute Details of Battlefield 3 Revealed

battlefield 3

The dudes from OffDutyGamers managed to get ahold of the developers of Battlefield 3 during E3 2011 and pried a good amount of information about the game for those of us who weren't there.

In addition to gameplay footage, they were able to confirm the following details about DICE's upcoming military shooter.

  • Squad Leader confirmed, 4 Person Squad
  • Ability to spot a Enemy Squad Leader
  • Equippable Grenades
  • Falling debris from destruction 3.0 can kill players!
  • Equippable knife as well as quick knife (like BC2)
  • Support class able to mount bipods and give ammo
  • Rifleman class has medpack + defibrillator
  • Ability to change fire modes in multiplayer (semi/burst/auto)
  • Regenerative health in MP, but suppression effect stops regen (only regen when you aren’t under fire)
  • Suppression effects from LMG, blur vision
  • Flashlights can blind the enemy
  • First Person Animations in Multiplayer
  • Faction Specific Weapons + Unlocks
  • Vehicles can be immobilized before being destroyed
  • Able to opt out of Revives in Multiplayer
  • 3D spotting