Ubisoft Forward Brings Out Official Immortals: Fenyx Rising Trailer

Ubisoft has a long line of video game IPs to mess around with and over the years the company has continued to bring out new franchises for players to enjoy. One of those new video game franchises was unveiled to be Immortals: Fenyx Rising, a video game that went by another name earlier this year which was Gods & Monsters. After a name change, the Ubisoft team opted to bring out this game for the public to view once again during a Ubisoft Forward.

The coronavirus health pandemic outbreak has become such a massive worldwide changing event that we’re still figuring things out as we go. Industries worldwide also felt its effects when the virus hit as we’re seeing more companies transition to remote work rather than huddling together under one building. We’ve also seen events get cancelled for 2020 so there’s no expos, concerts, or conventions of any kind present. A means to replace that is through streaming services and we’re seeing quite a few of them pop up.

For Ubisoft, they have put on a streaming show called Ubisoft Forward, which is essentially a media conference much like how you would see Ubisoft handle for E3. Most prefer this setup now as it offers companies to showcase more content rather than dumping a ton of money to get an hour to showcase content during a big media stage event at E3. So far Ubisoft has held two Ubisoft Forwards and this second event featured Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

There wasn’t much in terms of new content that we didn’t already know from reveals in the past. This is a third-person action-adventure game set in the open world. Players shipwreck on a mysterious land where you’re greeted by the Greek gods alerting you as the chosen one to save the world from dark hostile foes that not even the gods can stop. As a result, players will be using an assortment of powers given by the gods along with other loot or weapons you’ll come across in your open world journey. If you didn’t catch the Ubisoft Forward event then check out the latest trailer showcased in the stream above.

Source: YouTube