No More Heroes 3 Gets Delayed Out Of 2020

Set two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes comes to No More Heroes III. The video game will retain the hack-and-slash the series is known for while featuring our protagonist Travis Touchdown. It seems that a new threat has emerged leaving Travis to stop an alien invasion and save humanity. This will also mark ten years since the release of No More Heroes II so we’re expecting plenty of gamers interested in picking up the title, though, with such a large gap, we’re wondering if the development team has kept in-mind for newcomers. 

This franchise was set to see the third installment hit the marketplace this year. Unfortunately for fans, that’s not going to be the case any longer. Instead, the development studio is needing a bit more time to work on the game. We’re certainly seeing a trend happening in the video game industry with delays and certain games being postponed simply due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. With so many studios having to rely on remote work to continue on their projects in order to avoid spreading the virus, several projects got put off schedule.

In fact, that’s exactly what’s happening here with No More Heroes 3. Announced through Goichi Suda’s official Twitter account, it looks like the studio got put off the schedule after having to endure the coronavirus spread. This has taken a toll on the studio for the scheduling planned and it resulted in some unforeseen delays. Now the studio has to make the call to push the game back to ensure its ready for players when it does release. 

So far, we don’t know when the game would hit the marketplace now. While it was slated for a 2020 launch, the post from Suda admits that there is no release date outside of a launch window of 2021. Perhaps this delay will give the development studio plenty of time to deliver some great content for fans along with some newcomers to the franchise.

Source: Twitter