Microsoft Is Raising Xbox Game Pass Subscription Price For PC Players

There’s been a slight trend this current-generation of video game platforms and we may see it evolve into next-generation console platforms release. That’s the various video game services that offer players access to video games in which they can either stream or download for free. It’s a nice business model for players that want access to some great video game titles without having to spend $60 or at this coming next-generation of video game platforms, $70, per video game. With the likes of PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, getting access to video games at a flat rate fee is easy to do.

Unfortunately, not every game is available on these services, but depending on how popular they become, we could perhaps see some video games get offered on the service for a duration of time. With that said, users that have taken up with Xbox Game Pass on the PC platform will find that the service will cost a bit more this month. For a good little while now, Microsoft has been running the PC version of Xbox Game Pass at just $4.99. This was an introductory price point for the service as it was still in a beta form. That’s no longer the case as Microsoft is getting ready to leave beta and make Xbox Game Pass available for as a full service on September 17, 2020. This means that we’re going to lose out on the $4.99 price point for a standard $9.99 monthly fee much like how the console version of Xbox Game Pass costs.

Nothing else will change as you’ll still gain access to all sorts of great video game titles for free. However, at this point, you’re only $5 away from moving up to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This would give you Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC platforms. Furthermore, EA Play will be given to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members which will give you even more video games to enjoy. On top of that, you have Project Xcloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which gives you access to stream video games from the service onto your smartphone. 

Source: Xbox