No Man’s Sky Developers Are Working On Their Next Major Video Game Release

Hello Games is quite the household name which is high praise for indie development studios. With a small team of passionate developers, crafting something that not only you find enjoyable but also massively successful has to be a great feeling. However, for Hello Games, getting to that point where fans flocked the IP with praise meant going through some tough trenches as they carefully laid out their next plan of attack in hopes that content updates would sway some player’s minds over their initial impressions. 

We’re of course referring to No Man’s Sky, a game that looked to have promised more than the world but failed to deliver upon its release. Fans were quick to point out the different game flaws and missing features. It’s also an element that hopeful fans for the game started to make reserved judgments on upcoming video games. Still, the fire of fan insults and complaints started to dampen down and really turned for the better after Hello Games turned out new updates that not only delivered on their initial promises but continued to bring out fun content that would keep players entertained. Now fans look at No Man’s Sky highly and will quickly suggest the title out even if you first played the game when it launched.

Still, after this massive IP release, Hello Games went to a small scale game with the surprise launch of The Last Campfire. It’s a drastically different game from No Man’s Sky and one that a small internal team developed. Meanwhile, Hello Games founder Sean Murray, spoke with Polygon and alerted them about how the development crew was split up into three groups. You had a group crafting up The Last Campfire, a group that was still turning out content support for No Man’s Sky, and lastly, a group that was working on another hugely ambitious video game similar to the scale of No Man’s Sky

Unfortunately, Sean Murray wasn’t keen on giving out any details quite yet, but it seems that the studio is hoping to deliver another IP that would become a huge success, although one that will likely start out and remain a success at launch. 

During the conversation, Sean noted that they were not sure how to really advertised this game. On one hand, Murray admitted that there were some elements to advertise No Man’s Sky in which you had a massive group of fans that wouldn’t have otherwise known about this game. Meanwhile, a surprise launch could help avoid similar problems that they had with the video game title. For now, it looks like Hello Games is hard at work on that next major video game release, but it may be a little while before we get any news on just what that video game will be about.

Source: Polygon