Sony Looking To Double Down On Exclusive Content For PlayStation 5

2020 has been quite a hectic year. Despite the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, both Microsoft and Sony are planning to launch their next-generation console platforms into the market. While we finally know what each console looks like and the components inside them, we’re able to see that the Xbox Series X will be boasting a bit more power. If gamers are interested in having the most powerful console, they’ll likely flock towards the Xbox Series X. With that said, Sony is banking on software support which will give players a bit more diverse and exclusive video game titles that you can only play on the PlayStation 5.

Sony and Microsoft may be competing companies, but it terms of exclusive content, it does seem like Sony has taken a bit more control. While that very well could change in the coming years, we’re finding out that Sony is essentially doubling down on bringing more exclusive video game titles to the PlayStation 5. This bit of news comes from an official corporate report indicating what Sony has plans for in the future. One of those means to bring in more players is by reinforcing content IP.

“SIE will accelerate the enhancement and rollout of its portfolio of exclusive PlayStation titles. As a result of cooperation with in-house development and partner companies, sell-through of PS4 software titles continues to grow, and the intention is to further enhance the lineup with compelling content. Along with that, further growth in recurring income will be achieved through various network service enhancements.”

This seems like we may see even more exclusives come out next-generation. However, that also means that more development studios will likely need to be acquired or established by Sony. These massive AAA video game titles that are filled with details and likely incorporating the DualSense features, takes a long time to make. Perhaps we’ll see more studios get bought out from Sony and will start turning out Sony exclusives.

Another interesting point we’re seeing is the network service enhancements. We’re sure that PlayStation Now will evolve and deliver content. Microsoft’s Game Pass service offers a similar means to deliver games for a fee and most of those exclusive titles from Microsoft will be delivered on Game Pass the same day it launches in the marketplace. It will be interesting to see just what Sony offers to compete in service options.

Source: Sony