Titanfall Metacritic User Scores Dropped By Rabid Fanboys

Titanfall’s Metacritic pages have become a battlefield for sorts among gamers, as Sony loyalists have acted to drop the user score.

As of this writing, the Xbox One user score is 6.0, based on 936 reviews. 531 reviews are positive, 354 are negative, and 51 are mixed. Interestingly, on PC, where the perception is Sony fans can play without supporting the competition, the 6.1 user score only comes from 252 reviews, with 144 positive reviews, 89 negative reviews, and 21 mixed. This screenshot taken hours ago reveals that user score went to as low as 3.9 at one point.

Going through the most negative reviews, it’s pretty transparent some reviews were made by people who did not play the game.  Now, it may be a little hard to tell genuine negative reviews from positive ones, and to be fair, some users will have overly harsh but legitimate poor reviews. However, there are red flags that indicate which reviews clearly come from people who didn’t play the game.

For example, one review complains about Xbox Live being down and wishing they had a PC. As we covered before, the servers were down for both Xbox One and PC. Another complains about framerate, a complaint not duplicated in other forums or reviews.  Two particularly odious ‘reviews’ have nothing to share about the game at all. One recommends Woodcutter Simulator 2014 over it, while another uses the space as a platform to complain about official reviews.

Free speech issues aside, this is an unfortunate indication that the tone of the ‘console wars’ has become toxic among loyal fanboys. We won’t be surprised to see this duplicated when Infamous: Second Son comes out, and we’re knocking on wood that it isn’t the case. Perhaps the game companies should be paying more attention to this phenomena, as it does the industry no good – and it seems that it’s hurting them now.