Sony Warns Fans PS5 Preorders Will Be Limited

Going into 2020 there was a ton of hype and anticipation for the video game industry. This would be the year that both Microsoft and Sony bring out their next-generation video game console. While things were looking great, a big change happened all around the world thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. There were no longer big events and in-person expos to attend. Instead, it was quarantines and fear of catching a virus that the world could barely get a grip on. While things are still in pieces and industries are working to go back into full force, both Microsoft and Sony is pressing on in order to launch their consoles this holiday season.

However, the way both companies are going around marketing their upcoming console is proving to be a challenge. There’s no real way of testing these consoles out at any event and the only real showcases we’re seeing are coming in the form of an online stream every so often. Still, if you’re bound and determined in picking up either console if not both when it comes out this holiday season, then you’ll need to be prepared. As mentioned, industries all over the world essentially shut down for a duration of time and the ability to freely transport products to different markets has greatly slowed down.

While Sony and Microsoft are pushing to get their product out this year, it looks like it may very well be a limited market launch. We’re finding out for at least Sony’s PlayStation 5, United States customers are prompted to register for the PlayStation 5 pre-order. That’s right, you have to be a lucky customer to sign up for a chance to pre-order a unit as the PlayStation official website made note that there will be a limited quantity of PlayStation 5 consoles available for pre-order and that reservations are at first come first serve basis. 

If you’re a die-hard Sony fan or just a gamer that wants to make sure their home is equipped with the latest consoles released, you maybe want to register as soon as you can. However, with that said, we’re still not sure just when the consoles will actually hit the marketplace and on top of that, we’re not sure just how much a unit will cost.

Source: PlayStation