Fall Guys Confirmed For Mobile Platform Release Within China

There is a constant influx of new titles being released into the market which features the battle royale gameplay element. Throw a ton of players into a game and in the end, only one player is left standing. While there is a constant flood of new games being released into the market to capitalize on this new gameplay trend, we do see a few hits releases that can break through and gain some worldwide attention. One of those breakaway hits is Fall Guys.

From development studio Mediatonic comes this wacky and colorful video game title hit. Fall Guys puts players into the role of a character who must complete a series of mini-games and obstacle courses. With time running down and a limit to how many can progress, it’s a race to make sure you cross the finish line or make sure your team is ahead of the pack in special team-based levels. Unfortunately, this game is only available on two platforms.

While Fall Guys have taken over the internet through YouTube video compilations and streamers playing the game for their audience, it’s only available on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. This limited platform availability has left some wondering if we will see the game hit the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms. For now, there’s been no confirmation that a port is coming to the consoles. With that said, it looks like we can add the mobile platforms to the list of games capable of running Fall Guys.

It was unveiled that Fall Guys will be available on the mobile market in China by the studio Bilibili. This may be some good news for players within that market, but we don’t know if there will be a western release for the title. We imagine that the popularity of this game already and a season two coming out soon which should feature even more levels, is likely to bring the game onto other platforms. Perhaps we’ll get an official announcement of Fall Guys coming to other platforms in the near future alongside this mobile port, especially after the discovery of a Nintendo Switch file within the game code.

Source: Gamesradar