Fall Guys Datamine Reveals Nintendo Switch Files 

There is a constant influx of battle royale video game titles being throw into the market and it’s very tough finding which ones are worth playing. Because this genre is becoming quite oversaturated, there is a challenge ahead for developers hoping to release a game that would become a breakout hit. Few and far between are games that release into the mix which sees success, however, there was a surprising hit that came out from a small development team known as Mediatonic. We’re of course referring to the sensation hit, Fall Guys.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you know what Fall Guys is. This game was such a big hit when it launched that it’s dominated the internet since its release. With constant uploads of YouTube video compilations, streamers showcasing the game, and players around the world enjoying the title at any given moment, the wacky battle royale has turned some players who are not normally interested in the competitive genre towards the game. With the barrage of different colorful levels and easy but difficult to master gameplay mechanics, it’s tough to play just a couple of games.

Still, players are limited to what they can enjoy Fall Guys on. Right now, the title is only available on two platforms which are the PC and PlayStation 4. Even with the limited video game platforms the title is available on, there is still some wondering if there will be more releases in the future. Well according to a datamine leak, it seems that the Nintendo Switch should see a release at some point.

One user managed to uncover a file within the PC version of Fall Guys which states “NintendoSDKPlugin.dll” which would be an indicator that a Nintendo Switch port has been played for a good while. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise as the Nintendo Switch has brought in quite a few indie title hits and Fall Guys would be an easy title to run on the hardware.

There are no datamine leaks that suggest that an Xbox One platform port is in the works. However, as popular as Fall Guys have been and fans eagerly awaiting the new season of content to be added in, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more ports release for the title. At any rate, right now there are only two ports readily available for the title which is again the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. If you haven’t seen our overall impressions of the title then I suggest looking at our Before You Buy episode on Fall Guys down below.

Source: Twitter