Phil Spencer Is Pushing To Get More Third-Party Games On Xbox Game Pass

There has been a bigger push as of late to bring out a service similar to the likes of Netflix but for video games. We’re seeing more and more companies offer a means stream content or at the very least the ability to download games to enjoy later. With Sony’s PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the ability to gain access to titles a bit more seamlessly is in full force. While the former two mentioned are aimed at streaming content, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is still requiring players to download the games.

That download requirement may soon be a thing of the past. It wasn’t long ago that we get the word of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would offer the ability to tap into the Project xCloud. This is a service that would allow players the ability to stream Xbox Game Pass games on their Android smartphones and tablets. We could see more platforms opening up in the future where xCloud plays a more prominent role in players enjoying video games. However, the Xbox Game Pass still features mostly Microsoft’s own released video game titles.

With the Xbox Series X coming out soon, most fans were likely ready to pick up the console alongside its arguably biggest exclusive, Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, after the July gameplay reveals for Halo Infinite, fans were disappointed to see the lack of quality they had hoped for in the game. This lead to Halo Infinite’s development studio, 343 Industries announcing that they would be delaying the game for a 2021 release rather than getting it out in time to launch alongside the Xbox Series X. 

We know that Phil Spencer and the rest of the Xbox team have no intention of delaying the Xbox Series X due to not having a Halo title launching with the console. Instead, we’re going to see more content and focus put around the Xbox Game Pass. We’re not sure just what the new focus would entail, but Phil Spencer did post a tweet saying that the team is working to bring on more third party games on the service. This could be a big hit for Microsoft if they are able to get more iconic AAA titles into the mix on the service, but we simply have to wait and see just the service holds up.

Source: Twitter