Xbox Series X Will Not Be Delayed Alongside Halo Infinite

Going into 2020 we knew that there was going to be some excitement over the next-generation platforms. Both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next big video game console platforms. For Microsoft, this would mean the release of the Xbox Series X although the announcement and showcases for this console likely had to be tweaked quite a bit. Thanks to the coronavirus which has caused quite a big drastic change in the world so while the big expos are cancelled this year, Microsoft and companies like them are taking to an online streaming approach.

Just last month we finally got the big gameplay reveal for Halo Infinite, the next major installment to the beloved FPS sci-fi franchise. Of course, the reveal came with some flack over the title not looking as well as fans had hoped. 343 Industries quickly took to the internet and stated that they would be working on making some changes to certain details of the game which would have hopefully come in time for the title release alongside the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, we didn’t really know just when that would be as the console didn’t have a specific release date attached outside of this holiday season.

Now that we know Halo Infinite has been pushed back to 2021, fans may have been wondering if this delay would cause the upcoming Xbox Series X to also get pushed back. The answer is no as Phil Spencer was interviewed on the Animal Talking show. According to Phil Spencer, the delay will not cause any disruption for the XSX launch. While obviously, it would have been nice to have the game release with the console, Phil Spencer has the backing of Microsoft to allow Halo Infinite to continue on development in time for a launch within 2021.

Instead, the strategy it seems that Microsoft is pushing is a move towards using Game Pass as a major selling point. We know that more announcements are slated to come out in the near future for Game Pass and perhaps some unique features that will make the Xbox Series X worth picking up at launch despite not having access to the latest and anticipated Halo installment.

Source: Gamespot