The Anticipated Next Batman Video Game Reveal Will Happen At DC FanDome

The Batman franchise has been around for years especially in the video game industry. We’ve seen countless titles released into the market, but one franchise in particular really revamped the IP for players and that’s the Batman Arkham series. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, the series is highly praised over the narrative and gameplay mechanics. However, the last main release came out in 2015 which has left some waiting for the next mainline Batman game to make its appearance.

This is one of the worst kept secrets right now as there’s been teases and leaks of the next Batman video game which is being developed under WB Games Montreal. What we don’t know is just what the game will feature. Recently, the rumors indicate that we can expect the Batman family to be highlighted with the Court of Owls storyline taking a center stage for the synopsis, but those are purely rumored points right now. While we don’t know just what the next game will be about, we do know when we’ll finally get its reveal.

WB Montreal Games will be present during the upcoming DC FanDom event. For those of you who are not familiar, DC FanDome is an online streaming event that will showcase all things DC coming out. It’s similar to the likes of the San Diego Comic-Con event, but with the coronavirus, we’re dealing with various streaming events this year. Fans can expect to see WB Montreal Games get featured on Saturday 22, 2020, at 1:30 PM EST which they will showcase their next game and offer a Q&A session to hopefully answer some questions.

This is not the only game that will likely be showcased during the event. We know that Rocksteady Games will be present to showcase their Suicide Squad title and that Ed Boon, the creator behind Injustice and the Mortal Kombat franchise is also highlighted to be present. 

Source: DC FanDome