Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Rap From Mega Ran is Hilarious, Fans of the Game Must Watch

Devolver Digital and developer Mediatonic has really managed to strike a golden ticket when it comes to Fall Guys, as they have been all over the gaming community for the past week. And for good reason, the game is super addictive and fun.

If you have yet to try Fall Guys yet, what are you waiting for?! The game is currently one of the free PS Plus games of the month for August 2020, so don’t wait too long. However, Fall Guys is a battle royale inspired party game that will have you entertained for hours.

YouTuber, media icon, e-sports players, and everything else between — Mega Ran has made a hilarious rap surrounding the epic title, Fall Guys. The references and the catchy flow will have you cracking up, especially for fans of the game. I highly suggest checking out the little rap video as you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the hilarious rap for Fall Guys from Mega Ran down below:

In related news, developers Mediatonic has noted that they would love to see Fall Guys on other platforms such as the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

This is no surprise as the game is so popular, the more players the better. However, at the moment, it is only available for the PS4 and PC platform, but stay tuned to gameranx as we will be following the game closely. Learn more about Fall Guys on other platforms right here!

Fall Guys is now available for the PS4 and PC. Have you been sucked into the craziness that is Fall Guys yet? Make sure to download it as its part of PS Plus free games of the month!

source: Twitter