DualSense Battery Capacity May Have Leaked Online

As we moved into 2020 there was quite a bit of excitement in the video game industry. Both Microsoft and Sony had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. Now that we know both are coming out this holiday season along with these consoles finally being unveiled to the public, there are still some questions that we have left unanswered. These finer details are likely coming out in the next few months as we lead up to their console launch dates, but one question some fans may have could be answered through a potential leak.

The PlayStation 5 recently got unveiled to the public, but before the console was unveiled to the masses, Sony opted to showcase the next-generation controller that players will have access to. Rather than continuing on with the DualShock name, Sony opted to rebrand the controller and labeled it the DualSense. It’s similar in shape and design as the previous iteration of the DualShock 4, but there are a few unique elements that will keep it in the limelight. 

For starters, the DualSense will have a built-in microphone which we’re not sure just how well that will work out quite yet until the game console launches. However, the more exciting aspects that we think fans may take up with is that there is an advanced rumbling system which should give different vibration feels depending on the gameplay. This could be anything from driving on different terrains to feeling a weapon clash against certain items. Another key aspect to the DualSense that overshadows the DualShock 4 is that there is a resistance trigger system is placed. This would allow the developers to give players a bit more pressure to push against such as feeling the trigger become a bit tougher to push down when drawing a bow before releasing the arrow into your target.

Still, these big features may have some wondering just how long of a battery life the DualSense can offer. There’s still an internal rechargeable battery for players to make use of and a recent Twitter user may have unleashed some previously hidden details. This user is claimed to work for a video game accessories company where he had access to the DualSense controller. Cracking the controller up they were able to find that the battery capacity is 1560mA which in comparison the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller features a 1000mA battery. This may seem like a jump in capacity, but until we know just how much these extra features drain down the battery, there’s no telling just how long a DualSense can last on a single charge.

Source: VGC