Nintendo Universal Japan Park Will Feature AR Mario Kart Ride

There is quite a bit of anticipation for these Nintendo theme parks to open. Nintendo being a worldwide known company with characters that have been around for decades, it seems like having a theme park is fitting. We know that there are a few parks set to open up, however, the first park to open up will be set in Universal Japan. Today we’re finding out that Nintendo will have a Mario Kart ride featured within the park.

It’s not too surprising to see Mario Kart get transformed into a theme park ride. The IP has been iconic for years and continues to find newcomers with each installment released. Still, those that want a different kind of experience may find themselves wanting to dive into this ride when it opens. Apparently, a leak has come out from a user who was hired to make a website for Super Nintendo World. There were even videos that were uploaded online although the user has since taken them down from being viewed online.

Still, there was quite a bit of information released including that Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge will be an AR experience. With the use of AR goggles, players will ride in these karts on a track and can pick up items to use just like the video games. There’s even said to be different moving objects and LED screens to give players the feeling of speeding down a track at a faster rate than what they actually are. 

Currently, with the health pandemic outbreak, we’re dealing with thanks to the coronavirus, we’re not sure just when these parks will open. It was even confirmed that the Super Nintendo World which was scheduled to hit other parks including two in America has been postponed for now. Perhaps when things clear up we’ll get an update on just when we can expect these parks to open and what will differ compared to the park located in Japan. 

Source: VGC