The 10 Best New Post-Apocalyptic Games Of 2020

There’s always a fan base for the post-apocalyptic setting. We’ve seen countless entertainment mediums portray what life may be like after a catastrophic event. Video games are also no stranger to being set in an apocalyptic world and if you’re looking for something new to enjoy this year then check out some of our picks for the best new post-apocalyptic video games of 2020. Now there are no definitive lists out there as we’re all entitled to our opinions. As a result, if you don’t see a game that’s worth being on this list, then please let us and other readers know by dropping a comment down below. We’re always interested in hearing about some other great upcoming titles.

Furthermore, don’t necessarily look into these games as being ranked in any particular order. Some of these games are not even out yet so it’s hard to really put them in any particular spot. As a result, these are just ten games that we’ve either enjoyed or anticipate playing this year.

#10 Endzone A World Apart

  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: April 2, 2020 (Early Access)

If you enjoy city builder games then you may want to dive into Endzone A World Apart. It’s your typical city-builder in that you have to create a city and expand it. However, what makes this game a bit unique is that it’s set during a post-apocalyptic world after a global nuclear disaster. Players must build up their small civilization all while keeping their civilians alive through different radiation storms and droughts. Currently, the game has been doing great online and fans have taken up with the title although it’s not available as a full game quite yet.

Instead, the development studio Gentlymad Studios went through the Early Access pathway on Steam. Currently, the game is available although it may be well over a year before it makes its way out of Early Access. This is purely due to the amount of content that the developers would like to see added into the mix. Of course, with the amount of content being added, the longer the developers will need to test the game out.

#9 Atomic Heart

  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2020

Atomic Heart is an action RPG that looks interesting and we’re certainly eager to try it, but news for the game has been somewhat scarce. From what we know the title takes place between 1930 and 1960s in an alternative reality. Set in the still established Soviet Union, the world has advanced years. In this game narrative, the technology we are used to today was already invented and even advanced in some areas. Players take the role of a mentally-unstable KGB special agent that goes by the name P-3 where you’re tasked in seeking out a manufacturing facility that’s apparently gone silent.

Being an action RPG, players can expect a mixture of combat that revolves around guns to melee weapons. There’s even said to be a crafting system attached where players can upgrade or enhance weapons with makeshift scraps of metal or tools that can be found throughout the game. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this title will hit the marketplace in time for 2021, but we’re hoping to at least hear some news on the game this year.

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