Call of Duty Warzone Surpasses Whopping 75 Million Players

Activision has revealed that Call of Duty Warzone has surpassed over 75 million players making the game’s player base at an all-time high.

Check out the celebratory tweet down below:

This comes as a significant milestone as Call of Duty Warzone continues to rise in players and become the most popular game in recent times. Activision is hard at work, constantly making changes to Warzone and fans couldn’t be more at ease knowing that their favorite game is in good hands. Today, the company revealed that Call of Duty will continue to evolve in different ways and break down new barriers.

The new trailer is loaded with a ton of new content including open stadiums and moving train battles. Clocking in just under 2-minutes long, the new trailer also teases a sneak peek at the season’s new operators. The theme around this new season of content is ‘more places to play’ and that statement couldn’t be more true as the game’s popular mode continues to evolve and grow in new ways.

Call of Duty Warzone is available to download right now with the latest season 5 of content on the way.

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Source: Call of Duty Twitter