Microsoft Has Rebranded The Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service 

Going into 2020 there was some big anticipation over the next-generation platforms. We knew both Microsoft and Sony had plans to bring out their next video game console and while the reveals had likely been changed up due to this health pandemic outbreak we’re going through right now, it hasn’t stopped these consoles from emerging. We’re still on time with the next-generation Xbox Series X from Microsoft and it’s clear that the company is aiming towards a few changes. One of the latest changes is a rebranding that actually drops the Xbox name.

It’s a natural progression for certain changes to happen when the next big console platform releases for a company. For instance, Microsoft has confirmed that they are ending production for a couple of Xbox One models. You won’t be seeing the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S All-Digital hit the marketplace any longer. Instead, the company will only be offering the Xbox One S, a slimmer Xbox One model that still features the disc drive. 

There are a few other changes that have happened as well with the latest being a rebrand for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. This subscription service is available for both the Xbox One and PC platforms where gamers can get a large catalog of video games including first-party titles for free as long as they keep up their subscription service fees each month. Now it looks like the subscription will be titled simply Game Pass.

Microsoft apparently is dropping the Xbox name attached to the Game Pass subscription service for both the Xbox One and PC platforms. We’re not sure just what the change up especially since this is under the Xbox umbrella, but perhaps it’s a new means to further distance the Xbox name from the service to potentially get the service on competitor platforms. That’s of course speculation on my part as there’s been no reason given at the moment. 

Source: Gameradar