Splinter Cell Is Being Adapted For A Netflix Series

There has been a push to bring out several iconic video game titles and transform them into a new medium of entertainment. While some of these films or shows end up doing well, most seem to fail at capturing the essence of what made these games such great hits. With that said, it looks like fans who have been waiting on a Splinter Cell video game can at least look forward to a Netflix animated series.

Fans have been asking Ubisoft for a new take on the Splinter Cell franchise. We’ve seen several Easter Eggs and teases over a new Splinter Cell game but over the years the franchise has laid dormant. Now some new developments are officially available for the public eye. It turns out that Netflix and Ubisoft are teaming up to bring out an anime series adaptation of the Splinter Cell IP. In fact, there’s already a writer attached to the project.

According to the posing on Variety, it looks like Derek Kolstad who is the writer behind the John Wick films is taking the series as the writer and executive producer. This won’t be a series that will test the waters either as already sources are telling the Variety publication that two seasons have been purchased so a total of sixteen episodes are inbound. Just how long of a wait between seasons remains to be seen but with the production already seemingly confirmed for two seasons, it would seem like it would be possible a shorter delay between productions would be necessary. That’s of course just speculation on our part.

While some games may be a bit harder to adapt, Splinter Cell is something we could see potentially doing rather well. In fact, Netflix has done rather well on a few IPs that are notable from the video game industry. Castlevania for instance was an iconic Konami title that’s done very well as an anime series and The Witcher, while adapted from the novels, gained worldwide attention through the video game trilogy by CD Projekt Red.

So far no details have been showcased on just what the premise will be for the first season or which voice actors are cast for the different roles. In any case, what are your thoughts on a Splinter Cell anime series for Netflix?

Source: Variety