New Documentary Showcases The Creation Of Sony’s Gaming Division

The video game industry has been around for years and we’ve seen some pretty innovative technology gets unveiled to further enhance the gameplay experience for gamers. We’ve also seen the creation of companies that really blossomed in the industry such as Sony’s PlayStation division. It’s hard to believe that just 25 years ago, we got the release of the original PlayStation console and for some of you, that’s probably a console you were not around for. Still, this console really sparked an interest with consumers and over the years it’s received some truly incredible video game titles along with new console iterations.

If you’re not familiar with the history of Sony then this new documentary may not only be interesting but informative. A documentary titled From Bedrooms To Billions: The PlayStation Revolution, is set to launch on September 7, 2020, which will mark the original PlayStation as being 25 years old. This documentary will also be available in a wide range of platforms whether it be streaming services on demand, or through a physical media purchase such as a Bluray, those interested in the history of Sony PlayStation will soon have the ability to get a copy of the film.

We of course have to wait and see just what the documentary goes over and if there are any new details released that were previously never discussed in the public. With that said, several interviews take place throughout the documentary. Included in the mix are Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny, and Shinji Mikami. Several of these iconic developers or masterminds behind Sony’s PlayStation success likely has a few stories to tell.

While some of us may be eager to look at the history of Sony, others are interested in seeing new history get showcased. We’re nearing the launch of the PlayStation 5 which is said to be coming this holiday season. While we wait for an official release date and a price point for the system, rumors have been circulating that August would hold a new PlayStation event and that could showcase something new for fans waiting on the next-generation Sony console.

Source: IGN