Review Roundup: Destroy All Humans! Remastered Brings Back the Nostgalic 2005 Fun

THQ Nordic has returned to the gaming scene and came prepared with some epic remastered titles that gamers have been asking to see a return for a while!

They recently published the cult classic platformer title, SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Remastered, and now today they launch their second game — Destroy All Humans! Both titles have massive followings so when the announcements were made that these games would return on current-gen consoles, gamers were ecstatic.

Destroy All Humans! is filled with humor, addicting gameplay, and a whacky story and the remaster manages to bring that magic. However, it’s not all perfect, as critics state that the remaster brings the fun aspects of the game as well as the bad parts of the game. Currently Destroy All Humans! is sitting at a 69 Metacritic overall.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on THQ Nordic’s latest title — Destroy All Humans!:

PlayStation Universe 85

With a strict adherence to the style and performance of the original game, Destroy All Humans! brings all the fun of 2005 (and the frustrations) of the original. This is a game that was fun 15 years ago, and that fun still holds up, only now it has a shiny new coat of paint. Though some cultural references are a bit wince-worthy and there are some ridiculous difficulty spikes, in general Destroy All Humans! is a rollicking good time.

PlayStation LifeStyle 75

Destroy All Humans’ impact on you is definitely going to depend on how much you played the original release. As a fan of the original, I was sat gleefully destroying all the humans and basking in the improvements, but I could also see people who haven’t played the 2005 release not quite “getting” it. For those in the same boat as me, it’s exactly what it needs to be: a faithful improvement on the original game, and an indication that Crypto has plenty of life in him yet. Hopefully it can pave the way for an all new adventure someday soon.

Game Revolution 70

The Destroy All Humans remake’s skeleton is geriatric in some respects. Repetitive audio, antiquated objective types, strict fail states, and repetitive audio are dead giveaways that this game is firmly planted in 2005 in detrimental ways that this remake did not address. But the overhauled control scheme and thoughtful new mechanics add a layer of muscle on top of that skeleton and keeps old age from breaking those bones down into dust.

Screen Rant 60

For players who remember and enjoyed the original Destroy All Humans! from Pandemic Studios, this new remake from THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games will be exactly what they are looking for. However, players who aren’t tinged with nostalgia (or people who take issue with occasional dropped frames and progression bugs) may have a somewhat different experience.

Push Square 60

Destroy All Humans is a good attempt to bring back the cult classic in 2020, but it misses the mark in a few key areas. While there are some nice improvements to the core gameplay, they don’t do enough to rescue the old fashioned mission design and difficulty spikes. It’s a shame, because there’s some fun to be found here — you just have to put up with quite a lot of PS2 era baggage. Fans will be delighted, but this remake is hardly out of this world.

In related news, THQ Nordic has released the official release trailer for Destroy All Humans! which is available today! Yes, the long-awaited arrival of the remastered title is here and newcomers and hardcore fans of the franchise will be able to jump back into the cult classic starting today! Make sure to check out the release trailer for the epic game right here, as it is super cool!

Destroy All Humans! is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you planning on picking up the latest remaster? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Metacritic