PlayStation 5 Activities Feature Unveiled Ahead Of Official Reveal

This a big year in a lot of ways. However, for the video game industry, it’s an anticipated year for the next-generation video game console platforms. Both Microsoft and Sony have been planning to bring their Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles out into the market this holiday season. While we’ve seen some footage and presentations on the consoles, although we’re still waiting to see more about the console platforms. Several features and UI have yet to be unveiled although, the PlayStation 5 may have a feature leaked out ahead of its intended reveal.

A write up for the racing title WRC 9 spoke about making use of the Activities feature on the PlayStation 5. That post was since taken down but the information has already spread online along write up being archived. It seems that this feature is a way to jump straight into sections of the gameplay right away through the PlayStation 5 UI. Instead of booting up the video game and progressing through a series of menus to get into a desired section of the game, this Activities feature seems to be a catalog of areas in the game where players can boot straight into.

With this SSD the Sony team has been praising its ability to quickly start up games on the fly. This paired with an Activities feature, we may see several possibilities to jump into a video game title without having to worry about loading times. Of course, this feature has yet to be officially unveiled yet, but it’s one that we’re likely going to see demonstrated soon.

Currently, we’re waiting for Sony to announce their next online presentation for the PlayStation 5. There have been rumors of a State of Play event being held next month in August. If this is confirmed then we may not only see Activities demonstrated but a few other rumors circulating online. For instance, we have heard that a new Resident Evil Village trailer is inbound along with the announcement of a Silent Hill reboot.

Source: VGC