Destroy All Humans! Remake Will Feature Unreleased Level

We are inching pretty close to the launch date of Destroy All Humans! This is a video game remake of the 2005 release of the same name. While we are going to get some great gameplay that offers veteran fans a new and fresh look of the past installment, the studio, Black Forest Games, also undertook a previously unreleased level to get it up and running for the full video game title release. If you’re a fan of Pandemic Studios, you may be eager to see some content that they previously cut from the full title launch.

Pandemic Studios was quite the hit development team. Opening up in 1998, the studio threw a ton of iconic hits into the market before being defunct in 2009. Their works included the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, The Saboteur, and of course, Destroy All Humans! The video game studio also found themselves being acquired by Electronic Arts in 2007 where they only lived on for about two more years before getting closed down. 

Now it looks like Black Forest Games is going to include an unreleased level which was fully restored after being discovered. This particular level puts players in Area 42, where you’ll have to take on an army force so you can expect a pretty difficult battle to go up against when you hit this particular mission. There’s even a video upload on the cut mission which you can view in the video embedded above.

At any rate, Destroy All Humans! will be available for players to pick up on July 28, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Are you interested in the remake and if so, did you enjoy the original title when it launched back in 2005? 

Source: YouTube