Hyper Scape Officially Available Through Open Beta

The battle royale genre has been increasing in popularity these past few years and it seems like more and more developers are interested in tossing out their own take. Now it looks like the latest studio to throw their name out into the ring for competitive battle royale games is Ubisoft with their take on Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape is a free-to-play FPS set in the future of 2054 where players must battle it out in Neo-Arcadia. Visually, the game looks similar to several futuristic settings we’ve seen before such as Overwatch, but the gameplay is incredibly fast. With several teams dropping into the map, the game shrinks down slightly different than what we’re used to seeing. Rather than being a standard circle that closes in on players, random sections of the city will start to glitch and remove off the map, forcing you to leave.

Gameplay, as mentioned, is very fast with players having to quickly move around the map, take out opponents, use a range of different abilities such as crafting up a large wall barrier, and of course aiding your teammates. Similar to other games, if a teammate happens to lose its life, they will be able to maneuver around the map to respawn points for another living player to revive them. Another interesting aspect is that this game is focused around streaming where viewers can vote on different in-game events such as low gravity or offering infinite ammo for a duration of time.

While you likely have already seen this game being played right now through different streamers, it looks like you can now try the title out for yourself. Those that were unsuccessful in obtaining a key for the closed beta can now partake in the open beta. This title is currently in open beta for the PC platform, but we don’t know just how long this beta will be available before the full game is officially launched. Furthermore, we’re also waiting to see the console port get its first beta although we’re uncertain if that will happen this year or not. 

At any rate, those on PC can at least give the title a try to see if it’s something worth investing time into. With the new integration in place for Twitch viewers, we may find that there is some motive for those that stream to also make use of this game, further marketing the title around to potential non streamers. 

Source: Ubisoft