Mega Streaming Star Ninja Could Be Moving To YouTube [UPDATE]


It appears the rumors and leak proved to be true. Ninja has stated that he will be on YouTube to begin streaming once again with his community of fans.

Original Story…

It wasn’t very long ago that we got the big streaming wars. After one of the biggest streaming stars that became a worldwide recognize persona, Tyler Blevins, otherwise known as Ninja, moved from his Twitch host to Mixer, it seemed as if everyone was getting poached. There were plenty of contracts written up, millions of dollars spent, and a whole lot of transitioning from one streaming service to another. Still, some is wondering what exactly is going on right now when it comes to the streaming scene.

Twitch for years has been a big service for streamers to craft up a community. From those that have massive amounts of subscribers, donations, and sponsors, to those that are just now starting, most have opted to use Twitch at some point in time. It’s a free service that has not only a big pool of potential viewers but enough support to help with getting your channel running in no time. Still, some competitors are hoping to make a name for themselves, if not take over the Twitch community. 

One of the big competitors for a short little while now was Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform. It was essentially just like Twitch with a few small differences. What wasn’t small was the amount of money Microsoft was throwing out to obtain certain personalities. Ninja was the first to announce the new partnership and from there it was game on. Every streaming platform was drawing up contracts to either keep certain streamers on their platform or to move the community to a new home.

Now that Mixer is ending their streaming service and those with contracts are free to move on to any platform of their choice, it’s been a waiting game to see where certain streamers land. For instance, Ninja has yet to make an announcement and while some were assuming that the streamer would land back on Twitch, a discovery came out. Tyler accidentally uploaded a test stream on YouTube which could indicate that this streamer is still moving away from Twitch and jumping onto a new platform altogether.

It’s curious to see if this is the case as Twitch has had its good share of arguments online. From different community guidelines, the recently DMCA strikes for music to even one major streamer, Dr. Disrespect being banned without any word on what the reasoning was for. Could Twitch slowly implode allowing the once go-to service to be overtaken with the likes of YouTube? Only time will tell, just like how we’re waiting to see where our favorite Ninja is going to land.

Source: PC Gamer