Watch Dogs Not Listed for Wii U on Nintendo’s Official 2014 Release Schedule

Rumours of Watch_Dogs' cancellation on Wii U have resurfaced after Nintendo made no mention of Ubisoft's game in their official release schedule for 2014. 

Following the announcement of the company's Q3 2014 financial briefing, which saw the company's executives take sizable pay cuts on the back of poor performance, Nintendo issued a revised list of first and third party games which did not include Watch_Dogs

The list, which includes other Nintendo games like Child of Light and 3DS titles Petz Sea Side and Petz Country Side is "based on the information as of January 30, 2014".

Ubisoft has refused to comment on the status of Watch_Dogs on Wii U. 

Initial reports of the game's cancellation for the platform arose last week when GameStop Italy cancelled pre-orders for Watch_Dogs on Wii U. GameStop in the US then also cancelled pre-orders but the retailer said it was a glitch on their website and the game was once again made available for pre-order.