Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Unveiled As A Rhythm Game

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is massive. It spans far beyond the mainline installments which there are only three of. Instead, we have several spin-offs and companion video game titles that give a rather complex narrative for players to dissect. Instead, of moving on to the next mainline installment which is likely a good way off, Square Enix has announced a new video game title that takes the franchise into a new genre of gameplay. Rather than be a hack-and-slash or RPG experience, players are instead going to receive a rhythm-based video game title. 

You might recall recently a new Kingdom Hearts title was leaked online from data miners unveiling an installment known as Melody of Memory. This game was officially announced today which is said to be a rhythm game where Sora and his friends will battle against heartless through matching the music beats. This game only has a Japanese trailer release so far and as a result, we’re still waiting for more information to come out on just what all we can expect.

Still, you can see from the trailer that you will be attacking alongside the music beat while progressing through the story which seems to be a bit of recap in some instances from past installments. While we don’t know if there will be a new narrative for players to experience, we can expect this game to come out for current-generation platforms. 

Rather than being a mobile experience or something made for next-generation console releases, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see what new details come out for the video game from Square Enix such as a release date for this year.

Source: YouTube