PC Gaming Show Rescheduled For This Saturday 

There were big plans for 2020 at first. The year started out with plans for several video game events, expos, and shows. However, things quickly changed after the coronavirus started to sweep the nation with the health outbreak proving to be one of the biggest obstacles the world had to deal with. Still, we all pulled together and prevented the spread through social distancing and quarantines. That prompted several events to be cancelled.

With big events like E3 cancelled this year, it wasn’t long before there were other shows and conferences announced their transition to an online stream. One of those shows that typically happens during E3 is the PC Gaming Show from PC Gamer. It’s a show that is dedicated to the variety of video game titles that were all coming out for the PC platform in the near future and it was confirmed to happen during an online stream this past week. That didn’t happen as you are all aware of the current civil rights movement happening in the United States of America. 

Still, the postponement came with a reschedule date and if you happened to not catch it before, you can mark your calendars for June 13, 2020, that’s this Saturday to see the event play out. Starting at 11 AM Pacific, the event will showcase new game trailers, announcements, and even interviews to help give players a bit more insight on what’s coming out for the PC platform sooner rather than later.

This is certainly a unique year for receiving these video game events and announcements. In fact, this is not the only event this week for online streaming. We know that Sony will also hold a stream event this Thursday to showcase video games coming out for the PlayStation 5.

Source: PC Gamer