PC Gaming Show Has Been Postponed 

We knew a few months ago now that E3 was cancelled along with several other events that were planned for 2020. This was all sudden as we were encountering a massive health pandemic outbreak and as a way to help refrain from social gatherings, these events were delayed or outright cancelled. With that said, some streaming alternatives were planned instead to give players something to look forward to watching.

While some press conferences that were planned during E3 2020 had decided against any type of streams, other events such as the PC Gaming Show was scheduled for an online show this weekend. For some gamers, we’ve been patiently waiting to see just what new games, trailers, and announcements were coming for the PC platform. Now while the health pandemic is still a very big issue worldwide, another issue has come up and it deals with the civil rights movement.

You are all aware of the issue going on right now with George Floyd’s death. It sparked protests all across this nation and even around the world as citizens demand real change. While the movement is going on for several days which has sparked even riots, several companies are offering their ability to focus on the movement by not holding events.

We’ve seen Sony postpone the PlayStation 5 stream, CD Projekt Red has delayed their Cyberpunk 2077 highlight upload, and now PC Gamer has confirmed that their PC Gaming Show is being pushed towards next weekend on June 13, 2020. This is all due to show support towards the movement in hopes of ending the systemic oppression. 

Source: Twitter