Sony Delays PlayStation 5 June Event

Going into 2020 we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to release their next-generation video game console platforms this holiday season. That was before the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak happened and despite that, both companies are still claiming that their next-generation console platforms are set to release this year. While Microsoft had been teasing and showcasing their Xbox Series X hardware along with some new video game titles being developed, Sony had remained quiet. That was going to change this month, but the event planned and announced has since been delayed.

Last month we got the announcement of Sony holding a press conference media event online much like how Microsoft has been handling their Xbox Series X streams. This event was supposed to be all about PlayStation 5 video game titles rather than being hardware feature focused. There were likely going to be several big reveals and hopefully even some rumors answered regarding the Silent Hill reboot that was supposedly set to be unveiled.

That’s no longer happening as Sony tweeted out a statement where the company feels that this is not the time to celebrate and more important voices needed to heard right now. This is likely a reference to the current situation in America where we are dealing with several protests and riots over the death of George Floyd on top of the current pandemic situation.

We’re uncertain at this point when the event will be held, but with both companies aiming to release their next-generation consoles in the coming months, time is ticking for how much effort and time the companies can put into hyping their platforms and marketing. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just when Sony opts to reschedule the event.

Source: Twitter