PC Gaming Show Confirms Live Event June 6th

The coronavirus has played a role in everyone’s lives around the world. Some places are hit more than others with different restrictions in place, quarantines, and shutdowns. As a result, this COVID-19 virus is also hurting several industries. This video game industry wasn’t spared by the virus outbreak either as the health pandemic is causing several studios to pack up and work remotely. We’ve seen some games get tossed out into the market early, others get delayed, along with events get cancelled. 

One of the biggest expos that happen yearly is E3 where we tend to get reveals, announcements, and updates on both video game titles and hardware. However, because of this health pandemic, this year’s E3 had been cancelled and it’s leaving some media conferences to transitioned to online streams. While we don’t know every media event planned for an online showcase, we now know that PC Gaming Show is taking place on June 6, 2020. There are not too many details attached to the show quite yet, but this event tends to showcase all sorts of video game titles slated to launch shortly on the PC platform

From big AAA hits to indies that you’ll want to make note of, the PC Gaming Show is one that fans worldwide has been tuning into. Thankfully this show didn’t get canned with E3 2020 and thanks to a post on the official PC Gamer website, we know that the PC Gaming Show is taking place on June 6, 2020, through the likes of Twitch. More information is said to come in the near future on what companies will be making an appearance but we’re sure there will be a few surprises as well. 

Source: PC Gamer