Netflix Production May Soon Begin For The Witcher Season 2

2020 has been quite an eventful year. The world came to a sudden halt after the health pandemic started thanks to the coronavirus. When the virus started to spread around the world we got several events postponed or completely cancelled. Every industry was hit with some type of issue because of the health scare such as the film industry. Several movies were delayed or pulled from theaters for a home release, and the same can be said for television series.

We’re going to see a bit of delay for different productions though it looks like The Witcher could soon get back to work. The Netflix hit series only has one season out right now but it proved popular enough to instantly spark a second season. Unfortunately, the problem is that the coronavirus has halted productions across the board and even studios had closed up shop. Now we’re finding out that certain studios within the UK are starting to open back up again including the studio that was being used for The Witcher season 2 known as Arborfield.

The report comes from Deadline though we don’t know just when this studio is going to open up. Instead, the studio is only slated to start opening back up in the next few weeks. If this is the case then we could see the staff come back together for The Witcher again, just as long as everyone is healthy and able to continue work. If you’re not familiar with the past reports, actor Kristofer Hivju had tested positive for the Coronavirus back in March, so the threat of spreading the virus is still very much a problem.

Source: Deadline