Rockstar Games Will Be Shutting Down Servers To Honor George Floyd

As you know there is a big movement going on right now after the death of George Floyd. Protests are running at the moment and for several days we’ve seen constant push back between citizens and police officers as the group demands real change. We are also seeing several companies jumping in and helping out by not holding planned events. This is all in an effort to allow others a stronger impact and voice. 

We’ve seen the postponement of the Cyberpunk 2077 stream event along with Sony’s PlayStation 5 stream that was planned today. Now it looks like Rockstar Games is also doing their part to bring attention to the current situation going on right now in America. This is through shutting down servers to their popular video game titles.

For a duration of two hours, Grand Theft Auto Online along with Red Dead Online will be offline. This is starting at 2 PM EST and will last until 4 PM EST. It’s also during the time that the memorial service is being held for George Floyd, who you should all be familiar with right now. We’ve seen several companies hold off from posting content and media to their fan bases as a means to help bring awareness. 

With protests still going on right now and even riots, there’s no telling just how long of a wait we may endure before the actual change is made. In the meantime, you can take this opportunity to pay your respects towards George Floyd and can even continue aiding the civil rights movements through a charity navigator that was presented by Rockstar Games as well.

Source: Twitter