Sucker Punch Answer Some Long-Awaited Questions Including Difficulty, Karma System, and More

The PlayStation Blog sat down with developer Sucker Punch to discuss their upcoming exclusive PlayStation title — Ghost of Tsushima.

The blog post was filled with a ton of great questions that fans have been asking to be answered for quite some time. The answers provided by key developers Nate Fox and Jason Connell , which talked about the game’s difficulty, different weapons, and much more!

Check out some of the highlighted questions and answers for Ghost of Tsushima down below:

Are there different types of weapons apart from a sword, like axes and spears?

Jason Connell: Jin’s katana is a family heirloom and will be with him from the beginning to the end. As a lethal samurai, this is his main weapon in fighting against the invaders. The Sakai blade is something that will grow with Jin throughout his journey. 

Will enemies be more aggressive in the final game compared to what has been shown?

Nate: Some have watched the State of Play footage and concluded that Ghost of Tsushima is an easy game, which isn’t the case. Combat is designed to be lethal both ways, not just for the player versus enemies. Jin’s foes can definitely take him out quickly, too.

At what point did you guys come up with the wind as a guiding mechanic? It’s really unique, and gorgeous, but I’m sure it didn’t come easily.

Jason: Fortunately for us, one of the earliest Art Direction goals was to incorporate wind and a sense of movement in everything possible. It both had historical connections as well as film reference overlap. A couple years into production, the game started to look stunning and we wanted to create a way to keep people in the world. Since we had achieved those early art goals and the wind was visually striking, we decided to see if it could actually point you to a new location. It totally worked! 

Does choosing to fight like a Samurai or like a Ghost/Ninja have consequences? Was thinking it might be like the Good/Evil karma system?

Nate: There is no karma system. There’s one story we’re telling here, one journey for Jin.

As for the player making a choice, we want to be clear that there isn’t a binary choice for the player, it’s more about the player having freedom to play through any encounter in the style they prefer and wearing whichever armor they prefer, mixing and matching pieces of different armor sets. Your actions also aren’t limited by your armor – for example, you may have seen that the “Standoff” prompt appeared even in the Ghost section. You can still use tools like Smoke Bombs even if you’re wearing samurai armor. As we showed in the State of Play, that one scenario with the Shipyard played out very differently based on how the player approached the situation.

Will there be a day/night cycle and dynamic weather?

Jason: Yes to both. There are dynamic weather conditions that you will experience throughout your adventures in Tsushima. Some of them are tied to specific regions to give more flavor and personality to them, while others are tied to story moments. Along with weather, we also have a full day and night cycle. 

Is there a difficulty slider for those of us that want more challenging experiences? If so, are enemies more aggressive at higher difficulty levels or do they simply have larger health bars?

Nate: The game does feature three levels of difficulty — Easy, Normal, and Hard. On HARD, the game is fair, but very challenging. Mongols are more aggressive, and players must be precise to pull off extraordinary moves. By comparison, EASY is for players who want to explore the island, enjoy the story and still be occasionally tested by a worthy opponent.

If you want to check out the full blog post with all the questions ans answers, then I suggest heading over to the PS Blog, right here!

In related news, Sony and developer Sucker Punch Productions recentlt held their very own State of Play for Ghost of Tsushima.

The event lasted about 20 minutes long and showcased plenty new footage, which by the way looks awesome. If you missed it live, no worries, as the full stream has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. If you have yet to check out the new gameplay, you probably should do so, and you can do that right here!

Ghost of Tshuhima is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Let us know in he comments below!

source: PS Blog