PlayStation 5 Price And Release Date Not Impacted By Pandemic

We knew going into 2020 that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to release their next-generation video game consoles. While Microsoft had showcased the Xbox Series X and continues to hold events to further hype up the console platform, Sony had remained rather silent. That is about to change as we know that next week there will be a PlayStation 5 focused event online. While we wait for that event to roll up, we do have other news regarding the console and this current pandemic going on in the world.

If you were worried this health pandemic will cause the PlayStation 5 to remain off of store shelves then PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is hoping to relieve those worries. In a recent interview with the BBC, the CEO talked about the upcoming event and also denying any impact due to the coronavirus health pandemic. There’s a lot of changes being made right now as is because of this coronavirus and its already evident with how we are getting these big reveals.

Typically, these big events are held at expos where the likes of Sony and Microsoft would present their console platform on stage. With thousands of audience members in the crowds getting the first look at the next-generation platform or video game titles that would be coming out, there is likely quite a bit of hype and adrenaline that goes into these shows. Of course, that has since changed as most of these events have been postponed for a streaming alternative.

Despite the change-up of how we are getting these big reveals showcased, the coronavirus health pandemic won’t change up the price point or release date Sony has in mind. We of course don’t know just when that will be but Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan stated to BBC that they are confident in their supply chain and pricing despite the fact of this virus outbreak.

For now, all we can do is wait and see just what the price of the PlayStation 5 will be and when we can get our units in-store or through online purchases. However, as mentioned, there is a streaming event planned on June 4, 2020, which will showcase some of the upcoming PlayStation 5 video game titles.

Source: BBC