There are No Plans For A Season 5 Of Telltale Games The Walking Dead

Telltale Games may have run itself into the ground originally before being purchased and brought back to life, the studio did manage to turn out some pretty incredible narrative-driven video games. Easily the crown jewel from their catalog was Telltale Games The Walking Dead. It was a unique storyline based within The Walking Dead universe where players mainly followed a young girl named Clementine as she grows up in a new world filled with the undead ruling the open world. 

This series had several installments, but it was confirmed that when Telltale Games started work on the latest release for the franchise, it would be the final season telling Clementine’s story. That story almost didn’t get finished as after two episodes of the season the studio closed its doors. Rather than not finishing the storyline, Skybound Games came in and hired several staff members to help finish the game and deliver fans the end of the storyline that started all the way back in 2012. 

However, there is still plenty of fans wondering if there will be more content coming out and it even sparked a supposed leak for the next game. This allowed Skybound Games to step up and kill off any of the rumors from spreading by stating that there are no plans for another season of The Walking Dead based on the series Telltale Games started. 

With that said, there has been plenty of other games released based on The Walking Dead. One of the latest happens to be a VR installment known as The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. Perhaps while we may not see any more installments based in the particular world featuring characters from Telltale Games The Walking Dead, we could see other new series come out into the market.

Source: Twitter