Anthem Is Still Being Revamped By A Small Team


When Anthem was first announced it came with a ton of anticipation. This was the development team responsible for several great RPG titles that had players exploring and progressing a narrative adventure that really made players feel as if they are in control. However, when Anthem released, there was plenty of criticism over the lack of content and mechanics. Still, there was hope that BioWare could flesh things out in post-launch, but that didn’t come to fruition. Instead, the studio opted to go back and deliver a revamp on the game.

While Anthem is still available for players to enjoy today, there is a big update coming out that should change things drastically for the better. However, it’s been a little while since we heard anything regarding the IP and now that we’re all dealing with a health pandemic, it may be a bit concerning if this game IP would continue finding a team to give it a proper overhaul. Recently, in an official BioWare blog post, the studio director for BioWare Austin office, Christian Dailey, has alerted fans of what is coming. 

In the blog post, Christian alerts that the team is still hunkered down from the coronavirus, but they are working on the core Anthem experience. With a group of about thirty developers, BioWare is hoping that they can rework Anthem from the ground up in what they are calling the Incubation period. This term is used in-house as a means for prototyping and getting everything tweaked to offer players a better overall experience. Being a small team, there is work that will be able to progress faster, but don’t expect anything to come out all that quick.

From the blog post, it also looks like BioWare is going to transparent in order to get feedback from players. This will hopefully allow the studio to get the game into a more desirable state for players to jump back into the game. For now, all we can do is wait and see what the studio does to really captivate players once again for Anthem

Source: BioWare