Cory Balrog Is Interested In Remaking Silent Hill

Silent Hill has a ton of love for it. The franchise has been around since the days of the original PlayStation. However, most would deem that the best video game installment from that franchise IP comes from the original four installments. These were the video games developed by an in-house Konami team that went under the name Team Silent. There care and polish to the atmosphere and story allowed the video games to continue gaining popularity to this very day. 

Unfortunately, that development team was disbanded by Konami and the franchise went to western developers. Since then the quality of the video games dropped off and after the release of Silent Hill Book of Memories in 2012, the video game series came to a standstill. Things started to look positive when Hideo Kojima announced his work on a new Silent Hill game, but that came to cancellation when Kojima and Konami split their ways. Still, years have passed by and fans are still waiting for the franchise to get picked up and handled with care.

While the Silent Hill franchise has been dormant for several years, there is always an influx of rumors about what’s going to happen with the IP. We’ve seen everything from original team members being tied to the project, newcomers, the speculation of Konami selling the IP, and now most recently, Cory Balrog has chimed in. In response to a tweet asking what people would like to see remastered next, the God of War director was quick to say Silent Hill.

Cory Balrog expressed his interest in remaking Silent Hill and that’s a pretty big key figure in the video game development industry. Silent Hill hasn’t received any remastered editions nor a remake. When the Silent Hill HD Collection released for last generation platforms, it came out with just Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. For now, there is no official statement from Konami in regards to a Silent Hill game being in active development.

Source: Twitter