Capcom Has Several Games Coming Out This Fiscal Year

Capcom is looking to make this fiscal year a big one and it’s all thanks to several projects currently in development. Right now Capcom has been killing it with the Resident Evil franchise. After Resident Evil 7 launched, the focus was turned towards remakes on both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Now that those games are out, it’s been a guessing game as to what the studio has planned next. Thanks to a recent financial report, it appears that there are multiple projects in the works.

While there are certainly plenty of rumors that have gone out about Resident Evil 8 being the next main project at Capcom, the report does indicate that several unannounced projects are being developed. We’re just left wondering how many and if these are IPs already established. After all, Capcom has several IPs it can cater to in order to get veteran fans interested in the franchise all over again along with newcomers.

One of the biggest IPs that fans have been asking about is the return of Dino Crisis. Now that Capcom has seen just how well remakes could do for the company and their franchise, it could mean that before the fiscal year is up we may see a Dino Crisis video game remake being introduced and released. Furthermore, because the fiscal year doesn’t end until March 2021, we may see some of these video game titles come out and release for the next-generation video game console platforms.

For now, all we have are rumors of a Resident Evil 8 and financial reports claiming that multiple unannounced projects are coming this fiscal year. What are you hoping to see announced from Capcom next?

Source: Gamesradar