Resident Evil 8 Will Be The Darkest Installment Yet

The Resident Evil franchise has had a trend lately to bring the series back to its humble survival horror roots. After the success the studio had with Resident Evil 7, the development team decided to go ahead and bring a remake to Resident Evil 2. That proved to be not only a hit but more people were enjoying this remake than there was when the game originally launched back on the PlayStation. To keep the momentum going the studio remade Resident Evil 3 as well and while it didn’t hit the same numbers as Resident Evil 2, it still proved to be quite a popular video game.

Now we’re left wondering what the studio is going to do next with the franchise. We’ve heard several rumors from new remakes for other installments to Resident Evil, a pause in all things Resident Evil to work on other IPs, and of course the rumors of a Resident Evil 8 being tossed into development. One insider who has proved to bring out reliable information has let out a small bit of information once again for the Resident Evil franchise and it has to deal with a brand new installment.

According to Twitter user Dusk Golem, the development studio at Capcom is bringing out Resident Evil 8 and it happens to the darkest and gruesome installment to the franchise yet. Unfortunately, we’re not sure just what the studio is doing next and have yet to make an official statement on the matter. The coronavirus health pandemic is likely playing a role in several video game announcements and updates so for now, we’ll just have to wait and see if Capcom decides to bring out a Resident Evil 8 reveal trailer on their own or through a live stream event.

It’s also worth noting that the insider also stated that a new Silent Hill video game title will be revealed soon. We’re not sure how reliable that information is but we have seen a ton of information regarding the IP from supposed rumors and teases online from select individuals. Much like Capcom, Konami has yet to make any official announcement that a new Silent Hill game is being developed.

Source: Twitter