DOOM Eternal’s Accolades Trailer Promises a Bigger, Better Sequel [Video]

Although DOOM Eternal released nearly two months ago, today, Bethesda has released a brand new accolades trailer for the game, praising the sequel is bigger and better than the original.

Check it out down below:

“Experience the must-play game of the year, rated 9.25 by Game Informer. Feel the ultimate combination of speed and power as the unstoppable DOOM Slayer in “one of the best first-person shooters ever” according to GameRevolution. Hell’s armies have invaded Earth, and the only thing they fear… is you.”

The accolades trailer sums up what everyone has been saying about this game. It’s bigger, better, and definitely gorier, which is always a good thing when referencing a DOOM game. Bethesda and developer iD Software has really outdone themselves with this one and the hard work has paid off. The game is critically acclaimed and currently sitting at 87 with it being very well received from fans and critics alike

DOOM Eternal is now out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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Source: PlayStation Youtube