Destiny 2 Officially Confirmed For Next-Generation Consoles

Bungie is going to keep Destiny 2 going for the foreseeable future. The game originally launched into the market as a standard premium video game title to purchase and enjoy. However, the development studio opted to transition into a free-to-play model that would give players the ability to enjoy some of the core gameplay, and from there could help support the developers by purchasing in-game content. With that said, the next-generation video game consoles are coming out and there may have been some concern whether it’s worth pursuing the video game at this point.

While earlier today we got the Xbox Series X event known as Inside Xbox, we didn’t see Destiny 2 make an appearance. Overall, the event was aimed at showcasing some of the third-party video game titles coming out for the platform. However, after the event ended, Bungie was quick to chime in and alert their followers that Destiny 2 would see a release on next-generation video game console platforms which includes the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. 

Destiny 2’s free-to-play version of the game is available right now for current-generation platforms and it’s known as Destiny 2 New Light. It’s providing all of the core content that was made available prior to the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. There’s also a bit of a recap to help get newcomers up to speed on everything. Still, this game has allowed a cross-save feature which would allow you to keep your progress between platforms and it’s likely something that will work for the next-generation platforms.

Currently, both Microsoft and Sony are slated to release their next-generation video game console platforms at some point this holiday season. Unfortunately, neither console platform as a specific release date quite yet.

Source: IGN