Dev Diary Explains Inspirations For Little Hope

Supermassive Games has been tapping into the horror genre for a little while now. The video game development studio brought out the successful IP Until Dawn and continued to work on different horror titles for players to go through. The latest happens to be included in a collection of horror titles known as The Dark Pictures Anthology. With five titles slated to release in this anthology, there is only one game available right now and that’s Man of Medan.

The next installment is Little Hope which has recently been given a deep dive into the inspirations developers had when crafting up the video game. If you’re not familiar with the game, Little Hope follows a college group into the town of Little Hope after a bus crash leaves them stranded with no sense of escape. With a dense fog preventing the students from leaving, the group is forced to explore the area in hopes of finding some help. This town has deep roots after being established in the 17th century that thrived on witchcraft and witch trials. 

In what will likely be a series of developer diaries, the latest video was uploaded online that as mentioned showcased the studio’s inspirations when developing the game. With the likes of Silent Hill being a key component of trapping players into a mysterious town and a fog that is preventing a means of escape, there were plenty of cinematic films that the studio watched such as Blair Witch and The Witch, in order to get a tone and setting. 

Just like the last installment, Little Hope will be a standalone game but will only be about five hours to complete. A way to combat the smaller size video game, the developers have made this series an interactive drama with a focus on choices. As a result, you may have an urge to go back and replay the game in order to see how the story would adapt from the different choices presented to players.

Source: YouTube