Final Fantasy 7 Remake May See Smaller Updates For Shorter Development

One of the more anticipated video game titles released this year is finally being enjoyed by fans all around the world. While it may have looked like the launch was going to be a bit rocky thanks to the coronavirus, instead, we’re all able to enjoy Final Fantasy 7 Remake, just as long as you have a PlayStation 4. With that said, we knew before the game released that this remake would not include the full game and instead Square Enix was going to deliver fans several parts over an undetermined time period.

For fans that were uncertain what this means going forward, a new quote may relieve some players. It turns out that the development time from part to part may not be as long as expected. Initially, the development took a few years to get Final Fantasy 7 Remake into the market, but going forward would not require as much time. This is due to some of the assets already being completed after the initial development started. However, that expected development time may have been cut down even further after the internet discovered a statement game director Tetsuya Nomura gave in a book.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania is a book released in Japan and with it came a few answered questions. One of which was about how many parts the game would see release into the market. According to the game director, he’s uncertain as some decisions need to be made. It looks like the director is hoping to make several parts but cut down into a few hours of gameplay. This would allow development time to be quicker and fans would get a chance to enjoy new content faster. Otherwise, the development portion may take a relatively long time.

For now, the first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available right now on the PlayStation 4. If you have yet to pick up a copy and would like to know our personal thoughts on the game then we suggest looking into our Before You Buy episode upload. We include some gameplay footage along with our initial impressions of the title so far.

Source: IGN