Final Fantasy 7 Remake Save Mod Editor Allows User to Play as Red XIII

Software Engineer Luciano “Xeeynamo” Ciccariello, has created one of the coolest mods for games as of late and it is centered around Final Fantasy 7’s Remake.

As you can see from the headline, Xeeynamo managed to pull off the impossible and made one of the most iconic characters in FF7 — Red XIII playable! Square Enix noted before the launch of the remake title that Red would not be playable, but thanks to Xeeynamo we can now do see him in action!

The SaveEditor mod allows players to step into the iconic character and see him in action for themselves. There are some restrictions as there is no available materia to equip, no magic attacks, and no specials. You can switch to the character though and he will have a full move set, own dialogue packs, and more.

Check out RED XIII gameplay in Final Fantasy 7 Remake down below:

In related news, Square Enix has released the accolades trailer for their critically acclaimed title, Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

If you have yet to check out the game, you’re missing out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an amazing title, it has its flaws, but for the most part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a game you should definitely check out. And perhaps the recently released accolades trailer might help you decide, check it out right here!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now available for the PS4. Have you picked up the game yet? Enjoyed the remake? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube