Nintendo Confirms Massive Breach Affecting Over 100,000 Logins [Update]

[Update] Nintendo has confirmed that there is now 300,000 user accounts that were compromised. While investigations are still ongoing, the accounts that were hit are still less than 1% of NNIDS.

Original Story…

The Nintendo company has been doing extremely well lately with the likes of the popular hybrid console the Nintendo Switch. In fact, people are trying to get their hands on a unit thanks to the coronavirus leaving people worldwide stuck indoors and away from socializing. To top it off, resellers are using a bot to purchase new stock once they become available to retailers online. However, there is another reason Nintendo will be making headlines and it’s also not for the better. It looks as if there was a breach that has potentially affected over 100,000 user logins. 

Nintendo has confirmed that a breach occurred that managed to capture over 160,000 NNIDs, or otherwise known as Nintendo Network IDs. These affected accounts could have seen some transactions that were not placed by the owner. It’s worth pointing out that the NNIDs that were affected are those that are connected to the legacy accounts made through the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. The login process had been updated when the Nintendo Switch released, though the legacy accounts could still be used. 

This ultimately forced Nintendo to issue password resets with the company encouraging users to check the purchase history in case they are needing to request a refund. Luckily, these accounts don’t unveil credit card information but the hackers could get access to the likes of your country, gender, date of birth, and email information. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t look like the hackers were able to get this information from Nintendo services. Investigations are currently being done right now and it’s a good reminder to set up two-step authentications for their accounts. 

Source: IGN Source Update: IGN