Pokemon Journey: The Series Receives New Trailer, Coming to Netflix June 12th

The Pokémon Company International released a new press release today discussing the 23rd season of the Pokemon animated show!

Yes, the animated Pokemon show has been running for 22 long seasons, and the 23rd is on the way! Today we received a new trailer showcasing the upcoming season, and if you’re a fan of the show or franchise, you will be ecstatic to see return soon. According to the US trailer, the season is set to air on Netflix on June 12th!

Check out the new Pokemon trailer — Pokemon Journeys: The Series official trailer down below:

Synopsis of the show:

Pokémon Trainer Ash Ketchum has a new plan: see the world! But first, he and his partner Pikachu are headed to the opening of the Cerise Laboratory, a research facility dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of Pokémon in every region.

Ash meets Goh, another boy with boundless curiosity about Pokémon, and both are overjoyed when Professor Cerise asks them to become official research fellows. With Ash as determined as ever to become a Pokémon Master, and Goh aiming to catch one of every Pokémon (including the Mythical Mew), our heroes are in for adventure and excitement as they explore the wide world of Pokémon!

There is never enough Pokemon right? With the 23rd season coming soon, some of us might want to jump back into the Pokemon universe. If you have yet to do so, Pokemon Sword and Shield relatively recently released on the Nintendo Switch.

Being the first main Pokemon RPG title to hit the Nintendo Switch since the console’s debut, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the latest installment in the franchise. If you didn’t pick up the game yet, but want to, perhaps you check out our review roundup of the critically acclaimed game right here!

Pokemon Journeys: The Series is set to release for Netflix on June 12 in the US. Are you excited for the 23rd season of Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube