Castlevania Confirmed For Season 4 On Netflix


Countless video game IPs attempt to make a big impact either as a television series or a blockbuster movie. Most often these adaptations are subpar which lacks the essence of the IP and fans of the source material are quick to point out flaws. While there are several attempts, some adaptations actually do fairly well. For instance, it looks like Castlevania is gaining enough attention to warrant a new season.

The Castlevania series is an animated adaptation where viewers watch the story unfold from the popular classic video game series that Konami put out into the marker years ago. It’s proven to not only be a gritty and adult-focused animated series but one that has viewers consistently tuning in with each season. In fact, season 3 did well enough to allow the show to run a season 4 on Netflix.

This information comes from Warren Ellis, who is a writer for the series. In his blog post, Warren states that while he cannot disclose the specific numbers, the viewers tuning in for season 3 was well over the number of viewers that tuned in for season 2. It’s enough to warrant a season 4 for the series which should be some warm and welcoming news to fans, especially after hearing more deary news due to the coronavirus.

With that said, we don’t know what to expect with season 4. No information is available quite yet other than the announcement of a new season. Hopefully, production for the upcoming season doesn’t hit any issues due to the virus and health pandemic though we imagine a season 4 is a long way off still. This health pandemic has already pushed back the date for the Uncharted film adaptation which was a movie dealing with several hurdles, to begin with. At any rate, if you have yet to dabble into the animated series and would like to see what all the hype is about then you can enjoy all three seasons for this series on Netflix right now.

Source: Warren Ellis