Final Super Mario Maker 2 Updates Adds Full World Creations

When Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Maker it was brought out with a massive amount of positive feedback. Fans could officially create their own unique Super Mario course. It allowed players to not only be creative but also give the ability to upload their courses online, this way fans could easily try each other courses out. While the initial installment was a huge success, Nintendo doubled down on the IP with the launch of Super Mario Maker 2. Where this particular installment brought out more assets for players to freely enjoy.

What helped give this IP longevity was not only the ability to create and enjoy other players’ levels but Nintendo’s updates and features that were included in the game. You had access to different themes, characters, tools, among other assets to really give you control in how your level turned out. Now it looks like Nintendo is wrapping up Super Mario Maker 2 by bringing out one final update and it’s a big one.

This last update that will be included in the game is a world’s creation tool. Players will now have the ability to string courses together and make worlds. It’s quite a feat for players to create one course but this feature will essentially allow full games to be made. It looks like you can have a total of eight worlds together and forty levels for players to go through.

Over the years we’ve seen some truly incredible level creations. From recreations from past Mario titles, new revamp to some seemingly impossible courses. We can only imagine what players will come up with after this update goes out tomorrow, April 22, 2020. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch then we suggest taking a look at our Before You Buy episode upload right down below.

Source: Game Informer